Achievements of INDIA ASEAN ICT EXPO 2017

The vision of a knowledge based society is built on an edifice where IT and Telecommunications merge. Rapid technological convergence has already established a symbiotic relationship between the development strategies of IT and telecommunications. IT flourishes on the telecom-network and in turn permits modern day telecommunications to use sophisticated IT-software.
Asean is among the fastest growing markets worldwide! Improving macroeconomic indicators, conducive business environment, larger, younger & more affluent population, rising middle class – all are strong indicators of not only a source of capital but also of job creation, skills development, technology transfer, infrastructure development, responsible governance and most of all – sustained growth that eventually will lead to transformation of Asean economies!
India has proven its capabilities in the ICT Sector and is acknowledged as a preferred destination for telecom products & services and telecom technology transfer of products designed through R&D for requirements of developing world. Given the large domestic demand for telecom equipments in India, the companies through innovation and R&D are creating world class products for India as well as for other emerging markets including Asean.

Digital Transformation in ASEAN and India

Digital transformation may be thought as the third stage of embracing digital technologies: digital competence ? digital literacy ? digital transformation! As Digital transformation re-invents our lives and changes all aspects of human society as we know it, it is now the time to embrace technology which connects all and is simplified but yet improved.

Convergence of IT and Telecom - unlocking huge demand in ICT

The telecommunications industry is in the midst of a major transformation. This new paradigm offers tremendous opportunity that can drive innovative offerings which can cater to the evolving needs of consumers, service providers embarking on comprehensive transformation to streamline operations and improve their competitive position.

Opportunities present for SME sector

The requirements in Asean offer huge opportunities for Indian companies, especially the SMEs to explore the region for growth and business. Since it is a developing market, the SMEs cannot only influence the market but also create or carve out a market according to their service offerings. Following are the opportunities that are present for SME sector.

  • Unified communications, conferencing, and telepresence
  • Systems integration, application customization, and consulting services
  • Telecom services, IP-VPN, and enterprise data networks
  • Managed, cloud, datacentre, hosting, and colocation services
  • Smart Cities
  • Enterprise application software (ERP, CRM, and SCM)
  • Big data analytics
  • Machine-to-machine services
  • Internet of things
  • Technology adoption trends by vertical market
  • The monetization of 4G and broadband
  • Design and user interface development
  • Remote delivery of services (education and healthcare)
  • Linking mobile payment solutions to commerce
  • Content generation
  • Software development
  • Opportunity to improve regional integration and technology

Enhance Indian trade and investment flows

The India Asean ICT Expo is focused to enhance Indian trade and investment flows from/to Asean.

  • The India ICT Show 2017 is intended to:
  • A world class conference & Trade Show
  • Showcasing the new products & technology of Indian Companies
  • Facilitate B2B meetings for the Indian companies to meet the buyers from the region
  • Open dialogue between and create a platform of interaction for Asean officials and the private sector and their counterparts in India
  • To discuss the upcoming trends in the ever evolving ICT Sourcing market.
  • Continue and be the ideal platform for decision-makers and business leaders to interact and do business
  • The perfect stage to present delegates with a better understanding of the opportunities present in Asean, a richer picture of its business and investment climate

Objective of the Event

The India Asean ICT Expo was designed to provide the platform to bring together over 200to 300 companies from India and Asean for the conference and exhibition. With an objective to:

  • The India ICT Show 2018 is intended to:
    • To determine future directions of the Information Technology and Telecom sector and to address critical issues within Asean markets.
    • To establish a platform in Asean where supply & demand is met in the entire gamut of IT & Telecom
    • To establish strategic partnerships among key players of the ICT ecosystem
    • To provide wider opportunities for Indian and Asean companies to stand out with their distinctive products through exhibition and networking activities
    • To establish the presence of Indian brands in Asean’s fastest growing markets
    • To engage with high-quality leads and build long-lasting relationships with leaders and potential investors in the market features
    • To provide source for the latest industry -specific technologies and innovations to