ASEAN is among the faster growing markets worldwide. Improving macroeconomic indicators, conducive business environment, larger, younger & more affluent population, rising middle class – are the key indicators of not only a source of capital but of job creation, skills development, technology transfer, infrastructure development, responsible governance and most of all – of sustained growth with long-term diversification and transformation of ASEAN economies.

  •  50+ Countries with a population of over 1 billion.
  •  ASEAN ICT market is estimated to be over $35 billion in 2014.
  •  ICT seen as a catalyst for development and, is high on the agenda of most African governments.
  •  Most ASEAN countries now live under stable or relatively stable regimes pursuing free market economics.
  •  Fast growing region – huge domestic market potential; Growing economically at more than 5% per year.
  •  Abundant and untapped resource pool.
  •  Incentives and red carpet offers from many countries.

Country Profiles