Exhibitor’s Registration

Exhibition Space Reservation Application Form

By completing the following you are making a formal application for reservation of exhibit space that will be binding upon confirmation from TEPC India. The person listed as exhibitor contact in this application will receive all mailing / billings relating to this event and shall be responsible for disseminating such information to the relevant parties within their organisation.

Terms & Conditions

The term Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council (TEPC), will here in after be referred as the Organizer and the term participant or in the alternative, party or parties who book stalls in ‘India – ASEAN ICT Expo 2017’ will hereinafter be referred as the Exhibitor.

  • Organizer will allot stalls to the Exhibitors on a first come first Serve basis.
  • Organizer will allot stalls to the Exhibitor only on receipt of confirmation of stall booking in writing along with the 100% of advance payment by Cheque/Demand Draft only along with duly filled in application form.
  • All Cheque/Demand Drafts to be made in favor of Telecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council. Outstation Exhibitors have to make payments by demand Draft only. Payments by Cheque shall not be treated as having been made until such time as the Cheque is realized in full.
  • Organizer reserve the right to change the floor plan and the location of the Exhibitors stall. If possible, the Exhibitors will be stationed as per his / her original booking or equivalent thereof.
  • Organizer will make appropriate security arrangements. However, the Organizer shall not be liable for any loss/or damage to the Exhibitors equipment, display materials samples etc., due to any reason whatsoever.
  • Organizer will reserve the right to repossess or reallot stalls, which are booked prior to the inauguration, but not occupied at the time of or after the inauguration.
  • The schedule of stall possession shall be given to the Exhibitors at the time of confirmation and Exhibitors will strictly adhere to it.The Exhibitors shall not assign this contract or any part thereof without Organizer prior written consent.
  • The Exhibitor will care for the flooring, walls and all other structures during the stall decoration and also while bringing and removing the materials. On these matters follow such instructions as the Organizer give from time to time. This is the essence of the Contract.
  • The Exhibitor shall ensure that no hazardous or inflammable materials are kept in the stall and shall also ensure to adopt adequate safety measures in this regard.
  • The Exhibitors shall make good to the Organizer all cost, damages and expenses, resulting from fire or any damage caused to the structure, etc. due to Exhibitor’s negligence.
  • The Exhibitors shall ensure that all demonstrations, interviews, advertising, promotion and other sales & marketing activities are conducted within the stalls. Aisles must always be kept clear for the Visitors.
  • Audio/Visual displays may be conducted within the stalls at low volume.
  • Organizer do not accept any responsibility for any omissions, misquotations or other errors that may occur in the compilation of any publications related to the Exhibition.
  • In the event of the cancellation of stall booking, advance payments made towards the same stands forfeited.
  • The Exhibitor must ensure that interior decoration of stalls is completed before the inauguration as per the time indicated in the schedule, which will be given to the Exhibitor upon confirmation of participation.
  • The Exhibitor shall ensure that the stall is vacated as per the time indicated in the schedule which will be given to the Exhibitor upon confirmation of participation, Organizer will not be in any way responsible and / or liable for the general security after the close of the exhibition on the last day.
  • Every Exhibitor shall ensure that his space is open to view and staffed by competent representatives during exhibition hours.If the Exhibitor commits any breach of this contract and fails to remedy it promptly on receiving written notice from the Organizer, then the Organizer may, by a written notice, terminate this contract. Upon termination under this Clause or otherwise the Exhibitor will forthwith vacate possession of the same, The exercise of right under this clause will not prejudice any rights of the Event Manager’s right or remedies.
  • The Organizer shall not be liable for any delays in, failure in performance of any of its obligations under or arising out of the contract if the delay or failure results from any of the following: Force Majeure, act of god, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, explosion, accident, riots, strikes, lockouts, bandhs, war, civil unrest, industrial dispute, embargoes, or any state of emergency or any other government act, law, statue, ordinance whatsoever which renders it impossible or impractical for the Organizer and the Exhibitors and all previous negation , commitments, agreements between the parties pertaining to this transaction stand cancelled.
  • The foregoing terms and conditions shall prevail notwithstanding any variations contained in terms and conditions or other documents submitted by the Exhibitor.
  • The Parties agree that competent courts at New Delhi only shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all disputes arising under this contract.* The organizers will not be responsible for the provision of stabilized power.