India ICT Industry

India- ASEAN ICT Expo 2017

India had proven its capabilities in the ICT Sector as a preferred destination for services and outsourced R&D. Given the large domestic demand for telecom equipments in India, Indian companies are now using innovation and R&D to create world class products for India as well as for other emerging markets having similar needs like ASEAN.

  • To source for the latest industry -specific technologies and innovations to adapt and respond to challenges and opportunities.
  • To establish a platform in ASEAN where supply & demand is met in the entire gamut of IT & Telecom.
  • To determine future directions of the Information Technology and Telecom sector.
  • To provide wider opportunities for ASEAN and Indian companies to stand out with their distinctive products through exhibition and networking activities.
  • To address critical issues within ASEAN markets.
  • To establish strategic partnerships among key players of the ICT ecosystem.
  • To identify M & A opportunities as well as Joint Ventures & Business Matching.
  • To establish brands in ASEAN fastest growing markets.
  • To engage with high-quality leads and build long-lasting relationships with leaders and potential investors in the market features.

Advantage of India ICT

ICT products and services to its users around the world due to:

  • Strong manufacturing quality and skills along with Tech Transfer options.
  • Large domestic market advantage.
  • Software and service support.
  • Global supply capability.
  • Secured information infrastructure.
  • Available talent pool and low cost raw materials.
  • Special Economic Zones provide tax holidays and many other incentives.


India offers unprecedented opportunities for IT & Telecom Service Providers, Infrastructure Vendors, Manufacturers and Associated Services companies. A host of factors are contributing to enlarged opportunities for growth and investment in ICT sector:

  • 1200 million subscribers by 2017.
  • 175 million broadband subscribers by 2017.
  • Mobile access to all villages and rural tele-density of at least 70% by 2017.
  • US $ 110-120 billion additional investment by 2017.
  • Population mix moving favorably towards a younger age profile.
  • Urbanization with increasing income.
  • Higher GDP growth rates.
  • One of the largest sector attracting FDI.
  • Making India a hub for telecom equipment manufacturing by incentivizing domestic manufacturers with thrust on IPR, product development and commercialization.