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India- ASEAN ICT Expo 2017 is recognised and supported by trade associations from the ICT industry Partner Association.

Our Local Contact (Jakarta,Indonesia)

Mr. Andreas Tedjasukmana

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Mastel (
​MASTEL is a forum for all stakeholders in the field of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Communication and Broadcasting, which was established on December 1, 1993. Stakeholders are incorporated in MASTEL comprised of businesses, organizations, associations and professional.

MASTEL at its inception the Indonesian Infocom Society has not yet named. Change the name of the Indonesia Telecommunications Society into Indonesian Infocom Society performed at the 3rd National Conference, February 20, 2000. This change is also to make more extensive MASTEL industrial fields, not limited to the telecommunications sector.

MASTEL intense working partnership with executives such as the Ministry of KOMINFO Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, National Development Planning Agency, the Ministry of Industry, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Coordinating Ministry for POLHUKAM. Besides the executive, MASTEL also actively communicate with the Commission I of the House of Representatives. MASTEL into the estuary of the role of Indonesian society, in line with the tagline “MASTEL 4 Indonesia”.

Jl. Tambak Raya No. 61, Jakarta 10320
Tel. 021-31908806, 021-31908812
Fax. 021-31908812

ISD Indonesia (
A new institutional process to support the development of the services sectors, called the Indonesia Services Dialogue, is now being formed with support from the USAID SEADI program.

The Dialogue brings stakeholders from business, government and research together on a regular basis in public forums and research-based workshops to consider option for reform to promote growth and greater efficiency in services.

The Indonesia Services Dialogue is a tripartite body coordinated by the Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO), the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and the Centre of Strategic and International Studies.

The Dialogue will also act as a clearing house for policy related research on services and begin to link with other international and regional services organizations.

The Dialogue was first started on an ad hoc basis in 2010 with support from the World Bank. It has held one Public Forum and one Policy Workshop.

General Chairman of FTII Mrs. Sylvia W. Sumarlin had the opportunity to give socialization material Social Media and Handling Solution at Air Force Headquarters Cilangkap Friday June 16, 2017 – Social Media become a vulnerability in ICT world, for that every party need to understand how to arrange and face social life media.


Asosiasi E-Commerce Indonesia
E-Commerce Association of Indonesia (idEA – Indonesian E-Commerce Association) is a means of communication between E-Commerce Indonesia industry practitioners. The growth of e-commerce in Indonesia is so rapid and this climate creates the need for a healthy industry and a unified means of communication among the actors with industry partners, including the government. For that idEA is present as a bridge to establish a good relationship between players in the industry with industrial partners on an ongoing basis, including with the government in terms of regulations relating to the interests of industry, as well as with other associations that are directly becoming an important element in the development of the e-commerce industrial ecosystem.

idEA was formally established in May 2012 in Jakarta. The initiator of idEA consists of 9 (nine) e-commerce Indonesia enterprises, namely (in alphabetical order):;;;;;;;; dan

In the First National Congress on May 15, 1996, at which time APJII (Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers) was declared to be standing, the designated boards for the first 3 years of office were required to undertake some key strategic assessed programs for the development of internet networks in Indonesia. These programs are:

  • Internet Service Tariff
  • Establishment of Indonesia-Network Information Center [ID-NIC]
  • The establishment of Indonesia Internet Exchange [IIX]
  • Negotiation of Telecommunication Services Infrastructure Tariff
  • Proposed Amount and Type of Provider